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This is my 2nd follow forever, I think it’s been almost a year since my last follow forever. It was quite a busy year and it will probably get busier. From September 8th until September 28th/ September 29th  I won’t be on Tumblr because I will move to my college’s dorm and I don’t know what will happen to my internet connection, but I will make a queue…. 

Anyway, I’d like to thank all of my 4.444k+ followers, whom I cherish very much and to all those who fill my dashboad with amazing stuff! I hope I didn’t forget any blogs which I probably did, also if you want to talk to me my ask box is always open^^

Thank you so much!!!  

italics = my lovely friends

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P.S. Sorry for my lack of editing ….

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Seo Kang Joon for High Cut Magazine, Vol. 128

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PHOTO © 스트릿디
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ive seen many of people in my dash posting the source of the sites, did you know that this has a bad influence in google? first, will be good too cose you make them promotions but in the past year google penalty the sites that has links to them (except sns : twitter, facebook), so they will just dissapear from the google search, maybe thats why you see how sites are made and then dleted, seo changes so much in past year that you have to change all your site, i also read about seo and also someone told me please delete my links from your site because it shows in webmaster tools that its a negative link and take down my site too, so thats why in the past time i dont put credits even to my tumblr, to those who have a site should read about seo things and work hard to be on top. if you have a question send it in my ask

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Just a suggestion, but maybe you could also make a click-through link to the site you took the pictures from so people have no real reason to "complain"? :) (If you aren't already doing that, that is)

im losing time to put the credits but il do that so nowone will have to complain, i hope that this wont affect the original sites google search :)), 

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stop stealing pics from other blogs & repost them >.< that's not fair !!

i dont do that, you should watch carrefuly that i dont post only one picture, but many of the same photoshot, so that means i go to sites and take from there, a, also all time when someone where i took the pic i reply them in private and tell them the sites,  you should watch how the pictures are croped to, thank you, think and watch twice before you say something, actually there are many other blogs that post the same pictures from same sites.

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Bang Sung Joon

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